Highlander: The Source

Highlander: The Source

The Source is the fifth and the last version of the Highlander film series that are; the quickening, The Final dimension, the conflict, the Endgame and finally The Source. It was directed by Brett Leonard. Highlander:


The location of the “source” of the immortal power is the agenda and the quest of the immortals. Zai Jie, who is a member of the immortal group, communicates to the other immortal associates after forcefully entering the communication tower located in Europe. He informed them about the specific location of the source. Then he was confronted and decapitated by the Guardian had a supernatural speed. Reggie, another immortal associate discovers some changes in that the planets had changed to move in cosmic alignment instead of their orbits.

Methos, a group member, calls Joe Dawson, a former immortal watcher to check on their common friend, Duncan Macleod and he found him fighting with the Guardian. Dawson shoots Duncan and then forces him into the truck and then drives away. They proceeded with the other associates at a monastery for them to meet with an ancient known as the Elder so they can fulfill their quest of finding the Source.

They meet visionary Anna Teshemka, who is Duncan’s mortal wife at the monastery. The all group meets with the Elder, who then tells them of how another group of immortal in ancient history sought the source. Two out of the three survivors are cursed with decay when the Guardian was slain. One of these survivors became the Guardian with the other becoming the Elder. The Elder instructs the group to follow Anna, who knows the route to the source. After that, the Elder give Anna a vision. At that instant, the Guardian arrives at the holy ground and attacks Joe Dawson and Reggie. While attempting to save Dawson, Duncan threw his sword(katana) at the Guardian’s neck and wounded him temporarily. The Guardian escaped after killing Joe using the broken blade he had broken after removing from his neck. Upon burying Joe, the group proceeded in finding the source. At the moment, they had known the source to be on an island in Baltic Sea off Lithuania coast.
On their way to the island, the captain of the boat informs them of the gang of cannibals called “maniacs” who rule that island. They did acquire a vehicle and drive to a vacated house that was believed to be at the source’s proximity. Reggie was slashed and killed by the Guardian at that night. Prior to Reggie’s death, the Elder had cautioned them that they would become weak as they advance closer to the source and, therefore, their immortality would be lost. At that time, Duncan had already used butterfly swords as a replacement of his broken katana. The group were carrying Reggie’s body until when they discovered that it would not revive.
They continued with their quest after burying Reggie’s body. On their way Methos and Duncan drew a conclusion that the phrase “there can be only one” did not mean that all the Immortals must have to fight and finally behead one another until only one of them remains. On the contrary, it means that the source can be claimed by one Immortal. The cannibals had blocked the road and captured them. As the cannibals were being distracted by the one of their drunken carousing. the Guardian forces Anna to go to the source with him after freeing her. Giovanni escapes later with the sword expecting to be “The One.” Duncan sets himself and Methos free, and they went to rescue Anna. Duncan goes to save Giovanni after being recaptured. In the last moment, Methos arrives to offer assistance to Duncan and reveals to him that he thinks Duncan is The One’ because of his nature of sobriety. Methos, riding on a horse distract the cannibals to enable Duncan to go after Anna. The Guardian decapitates Giovanni, who had ran away when Duncan had come to rescue him.
Anna was found by Duncan in a clearing beside a starlight illuminated sandy pit. There was an occurrence of a cosmic convergence directly over them. The Guardian arrives, and he challenges Duncan, who then discovers that he possesses the same supernatural power and speed as the Guardian. With this speed and power, he manages to outcompete the Guardian to reach Anna. He was however blocked by an energy barrier that shows on his way.
After a long continued fighting with Duncan, the Guardian is defeated after getting buried in the dirt chest deep. The Guardian then tells Duncan to behead him because he was bounded and defeated. Duncan refused to behead him, and the Guardian disappear immediately. Before the Guardian vanishes, he screamed “I am cursed forever.” After that, Duncan gets to the source because of his pure heart. While inside the source Anna told Duncan that she is pregnant with their child. Duncan says that the child is “The One.”

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